Workshop Information

We would like to thank all of the educators, students, activists, professionals and community members who were generous enough to submit workshop proposals for the 2nd Annual South Bay Womyn’s Conference, Weaving our Wisdom: from Roots to Wings on Saturday, March 9, 2013.  Below attendees can find more information on Sessions I, II and III including links to this year’s workshop descriptions.



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Session I: Honoring Herstory


Honoring Herstory seeks to look at past and current movements and social issues that have affected our community.  We begin with this session as a morning of revitalizing our understanding of womyn warrior’s work in decades past.  Honoring Herstory asks; what does it mean to have been a womyn speaking up for something greater?  What historical lessons can we glean from this session that will inform us today and effect us tomorrow? Let’s pay homage.

Session II: Health, Wellness & Healing


Health, Wellness & Healing allows for a set of workshops focused on the practice of self-care; spiritually and physically.  This session explores mid-day meditations on the growth of our minds, bodies and souls in today’s toxic environments.  Presenters seek to answer the question: how can we keep steady on our path of healthy living by minding what and how we eat, think, say and love?

Session III: Facing Forward


Facing Forward aims to take action, learn from the past and face our futures by embracing ourselves, our loved ones and those in the community.  This session is about coming full circle to garner new energy, harbor creativity and collaborate with one another.  The leaders of this session ask attendees to answer for themselves, how shall we make our world anew?